Learning Goals and Objectives

To help encourage growth of the whole child, as well as to prepare our students for kindergarten, our pre-k specific learning goals are:

  • To enhance language and literacy development through books and writing/dictating
  • To strengthen oral communication and expression (i.e. “show & tell”, encouraged to “use words”)
  • To develop listening skills (following directions, listening to stories, etc.) –
  • To introduce science concepts (growing, seasons, weather, senses, simple experiments)
  • To introduce math concepts (graphing, sorting, size and spatial concepts) – to develop critical thinking and cooperation

Materials and Projects

  • Free Play with puzzles, games, blocks, animals, a dramatic play area, and a water/sand table
  • Teacher-directed activities and projects as well as student directed activities and projects
  • A listening center, a writing center, books and a wide variety of arts and crafts materials.
  • Projects based on the current theme and literature.
  • A group large motor activity that includes music and movement.

Field Trips

Below are examples of themes and special events that are usually incorporated into the annual preschool plan. However, it is important to realize that each class has different needs and abilities and that the program’s activities are largely determined by these factors.

Themes: Fall, Winter, Spring, Welcome Friends, Holidays Around the World, Over the Rainbow, Picking Apples, Santa is Coming to Town, Baskets & Bunnies, Exploring Safety, Friends in the Snow, April Showers, Animals In Fall, Animals In Winter, Bugs & Butterflies, Pumpkins and Leaves, Winter Nights, Mother’s Day, Halloween Fun, Summer Fun, Harvest Fest

Special Events: Fall, Winter, Spring, Apple Orchard Visit, Nutcracker, Puppet Show, KAC Ballet, Fire House Visit, Holiday Celebration, Kindergarten Visit, Hayride to Pumpkin Patch, Pajama Day, Zoo Visit, Halloween Celebration, Valentine’s Day, Silly Hat Day, Scarecrow Day, Mother’s Day Brunch, Thanksgiving Feast, Beach Party Day